Variable Air Volume Damper


  • Installation: suitable to work in conjunction with the BMS system and suitable damper control panel.
  • Size : many sizes are available upon costumer request
  • Shape : rectangular / circular
  • Material : The casing is manufactured from 1.2mm galvanized mild steel whilst the blades are double skin airfoil sections from 0.7mm galvanized mild steel or from 0.7mm stainless steel grade 304.
  • Packing: plastic bags

Product Description

Mina Company makes Variable Air Volume (VAV) box is a part of an Air Conditioning system. It is located inside the duct work. VAV Dampers are designed to control the air flow to a specific area, called “Zone”. The VAV regulates the volume of the air to the zone by opening or closing the damper, thus controlling the amount of conditioned air directed to the zone.

Each zone in a building has a thermostat along with the VAV, monitoring when to open or shut the damper based upon the temperature needs of the zone. Because the supply air temperature, in this simplest of VAV systems, is constant, the air flow rate must vary to meet the rising and falling heat gains or losses within the thermal zone served. The product range has many features and options to meet the requirements of consultants, contractors, local and national authorities. Dampers are available to suit low/medium and high velocity applications.