Square slot diffuser


  • Delivery: can be supplied with up to 4 slots on the four sides of the diffuser, fixed horizontal diffusion pattern
  • The diffuser is provided with a plenum, with optional insulation, and can be fitted with a volume control in the intake
  • Size : can be customized according to application
  • Shape : rectangular
  • Finish : Electrostatic powder RAL 9010 as standard / other colors and finishes are available
  • Material : anodized aluminum with corrosion-resistant steel components
  • Packing: plastic bags

Product Description

The square slot diffusers is suit­able for the supply and exhaust of both heated and chilled air in offices, conference halls and shops. The specially designed baffles en­sure a fixed horizontal diffusion pat­tern on all four sides without internal turbulence. The frame of the diffuser can be adjusted to the ceiling.