Plaque ceiling diffuser


  • Installation: ceiling
  • Size : 600x600mm face size and from 150mm to 380mm nick size
  • Shape : rectangular
  • Finish : Electrostatic powder RAL 9010 as standard / other colors and finishes are available
  • Material : anodized aluminum or steel with corrosion-resistant steel components
  • Packing: plastic bags

Product Description

The T1100 (steel), A1100 (aluminum) diffusers consist of a stamped backpan with an integral round collar and a removable plaque face. The plaque is held in place with four brackets that positively engage into the backpan.

The architectural plaque diffusers feature a 4-way horizontal ceiling pattern effective for cooling applications where a clean ceiling appearance is required. Blank-off baffles are available as accessories to convert air patterns to 1-way, 2-way or 3-way.

The T1100, A1100 series diffusers have been carefully engineered for critical aesthetic applications while maintaining excellent performance. The plaque is made of dual thickness metal, which results in a clean appearance due to the absence of spot welds and rivets.