Heavy Duty Duct Dampers


  • Installation: specifically designed for use in ventilation systems for volume, flow and pressure control
  • Size : From 100 x 100 to 2500 x 2000 in one module. Multiple assemblies can be supplied.
  • Shape: square, rectangular, circular and flat oval ducting.
  • Motor: Open / Close type without spring returns function, Open / Close type with spring return function, Modulating motor.
  • Material : 2mm galvanised mild steel / Stainless steel casing is optional in grades 304, 316 / extruded aluminum
  • Packing: plastic bags

Product Description

For control and balancing of supply and extract air systems where high pressures and velocities may be experienced. All dampers are fitted with opposed blade action, airfoil blades as standard. The angles are adjusted via the robust, hand operated, lockable quadrant or with an optional extended spindle suitable for motorization. The linkage system is enclosed and positioned out of the airstream. Casing leakage conforms to HVCA specification DW144 and Eurovent 2/2 classes A-C.