Computer Room Floor Grille


  • Installation: Suitable for wall, duct and ceiling mounting.
  • Size : 600 x 600 tile module size as standard though smaller and larger units can be produced on request.
  • Shape : square or rectangular
  • Finish : Electrostatic powder RAL 9010 as standard, other colors and finishes are available
  • Material : anodized aluminum , Mild sheets
  • Packing: plastic bags

Product Description

For supply or extract air, having single set of fixed blades available in economy 0° deflection or heavy duty 0° to 15° deflection bars. Designed to replace 600 x 600 floor tiles and meet BS EN 13264:2001 Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty requirements.


From extruded aluminum sections, frame 6.0mm thick, blades are 6mm thick for the 77 core and 6mm thick tapering to 2.5mm thick for the 76 core. The frame is of fully welded construction with extra rear re-inforcement mullions to achieve the Extra Heavy Duty rating.