Adjustable swirl diffusers


  • Installation: ceiling
  • Size : Available in 160, 250, 315, 450 and 630mm diameter
  • Shape : Circular or Perforated Square
  • Finish : Electrostatic powder RAL 9010 as standard / other colors and finishes are available
  • Material : anodized aluminum with corrosion-resistant steel components
  • Packing: plastic bags

Product Description

Complementing the GSF range of fixed Swirl Diffusers with the GSJ Series Gilberts introduce a modern and attractively styled range of adjustable Swirl Diffusers suitable for a multitude of ceiling supply applications. As with the fixed Swirl the circular pattern of radial vanes featured on this unit provide the rotating air distribution effect typically associated with this type of diffuser. This allows the unit to introduce high volumes of air into the conditioned space, taking advantage of its rapid entrainment and intermixing characteristics. As a result the unit can deliver high room air change rates as compared to conventional diffusers. Moreover with the interlinked blades all fully adjustable the unit can provide either horizontal or vertical projection by simple manual or automatic adjustment. Notwithstanding the performance potential, aesthetic aspects have also been considered. The circular profile of the GSJA type unit lends itself well to exposed ductwork and other contemporary applications but is arguably less appropriate in square ceiling grids. The GSJB and GSJC type however, which offer a perforated face diffuser type appearance, lend themselves particularly well in these instances always enabling a good balance between performance and aesthetics to be maintained for all applications. Newer models, such as the GSJD, adapted for clip-in ceiling type applications and the GSJE with a circular perforated face add further dimensions to swirl diffuser selection and application.